3 Tips for Moving With Your Kids

Moving under any circumstances can be a challenge. When your kids are in tow, it can be even more difficult to manage the process smoothly. Fortunately, there are many tricks that parents can employ to ease the stress and even make the transition enjoyable for their little ones. Before the movers arrive, here are some tips to keep in mind.

A Parent's Guide to Moving With the Kids

1. Get Them Involved

Kids usually want nothing more than to be involved and feel like they’re part of what’s going on in the home. Since moving is such a major step, it’s helpful to get them involved early on in the process. Not only will this help them view it as a positive experience, but it may also negate any fears they have about leaving the home they know. 

Allow them to pack some boxes and label them. If they're older, let them help you plan a yard sale to declutter. No matter the task, it can help your child feel like they’re a significant part of the process.

2. Visit the Neighborhood

If your kids feel nervous about leaving their home, use that as an excuse to visit your new neighborhood if it’s within driving distance. Consider going for a walk, pointing out all the places you plan to visit together and showing them their new school if they have to transfer. Explain that when the day arrives, the movers will pick up their items and bring them to the new house.

3. Pack Kiddie Bags

Don’t accidentally pack everything inside moving boxes. Reserve a few items specifically for moving-day kiddie bags. Toss in all the items they may need on the big day, whether it’s a beloved toy, a favorite book, or an electronic device. 

Additionally, keep other essentials handy that you might need as the movers do their job, like tissues, medication, wipes, and snacks. This will let you step out of the way and tend to your little one while the action goes on around you. 

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