5 Essential Tips for Downsizing

Moving into a new home is a chance for a fresh start and getting rid of old or unwanted items is a fantastic place to begin. Downsizing is easy with a plan, and you’ll be surprised at what you can sell or let go of. Here are several tips to use before the movers arrive.

How to Downsize
1. Focus On Big Items

Large furniture and appliances take up the most space, so downsize these first. You’ll free up room and can gauge how many smaller items you can keep. You may increase the number of clothes, dishes, and small appliances you can keep or discover that you should downsize further to reach your goals.

2. Start Small
Choose a small room or closet to begin so you don’t overwhelm yourself. These often hold items with less sentimental value that are easier to let go of. They can also hold a lot of stored items you don’t need. Sort items by keep, donate, or throw away based on their condition and usefulness. You’ll develop a sorting and packing process that will make tackling larger, more complex rooms easier.

3. Digitize
Boxes of family photographs, financial documents, and CDs and records take up space. It’s easier than ever to digitize these items so they’re all stored safely on a computer. After, recycle, donate, or sell your collection for a profit. Getting rid of these items also creates more space in the moving truck and reduces the amount of work the movers will have to do.

4. Understand Value
Know the value of an item before you donate it or throw it away. Old toys may have become collector’s items, and antique furniture may have gathered considerable value over the years. Don’t think about what you initially paid. Instead, check online databases or contact a professional appraiser. You can then sell these items to fund new appliances or furniture.

5. Keep a Clear Workspace
Working in a dedicated open space ensures you don’t accidentally mix up your toss, keep, and donate piles. There’s also less of a chance that you damage anything or trip, fall, and injure yourself. 

Ensure this area is well lit so you can see all the details of what you’re sorting. You may want to keep an old jacket, for example, but with proper lighting, you’ll discover stains or tears that make it better to get rid of. A clean house will also make it easier to work when movers arrive to load your items.


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