6 Tips for Packing Antiques for a Move

Antiques are among the most fragile objects you might pack in preparation for a move. It’s important to be careful when handling these valuables, as improper packing techniques could cause damage when they’re in transit. To ensure these treasured items are ready for the movers, here’s what you should know.

How to Pack Your Antiques for a Move

1. Handle Preliminary Tasks First

Make sure that you outline everything you plan to pack before you actually get started. Write down the item and its condition, then take photographs of each one from all angles. This gives you something to compare the item to when the movers deliver it to your new residence. You may also want to consider obtaining insurance for these items for the duration of the move.

Before packing, use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe down each item. Avoid using any cleaning solutions, especially on delicate materials like wood that might otherwise suffer structural damage.

Solvents can also leave products wet and odorous if you plan to wrap them, so it’s best to avoid them altogether.

2. Gather the Appropriate Materials

To ensure everything is properly packed, gather all of the essentials that you need, including sturdy boxes. Consider whether you might need any unconventionally sized boxes for objects of unusual shapes or sizes.

You’ll also need packing paper and peanuts, a microfiber cloth, tape, moving blankets, furniture pads, corner protectors, and water- and air-resistant wrap paper. Check with your moving company first; they may carry packing supplies that you can use.

3. Wrap Your Items Carefully

Prepare your belongings for the movers by using your wrap paper to protect each piece. It will prevent surface issues, like stains and smudges. Use packing tape to secure the wrap, then apply corner protectors to edges of mirrors and frames. This will prevent scratches and chips.

Use packing peanuts to cushion the items and nestle them in their boxes. If you’re nervous about packing any antiques, ask your moving company if they can help. Some businesses offer packing services in addition to relocation services.

Don’t seal the box before checking the antique. There should be enough cushioning on all ends. Wrap the item multiple times to prevent any damage while in transit and add several protective layers at the bottom of the box to create a soft bed. Then use packing tape to seal it up.


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