Commercial Moving in Cincinnati, OH

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Business and office moving in the greater Cincinnati, OH area.

From time to time, businesses have a need to move their office space. Perhaps they need a larger location or a location that is more convenient to downtown Cincinnati. Jeffers Moving & Storage Company, LLC understands the corporate moving procedure and can help ease the process. They are experienced professionals, and they take special care to securely and safely move all business items, ranging from desks and conference room furniture, to filing cabinets, and more.

Jeffers Moving & Storage Company knows that your move needs to take place on-time, and on budget, so as to impact your business as little as possible. They have been moving customers for decades. They know what processes work best to ensure a move that fits within the parameters of your initial estimate.

Jeffers Moving & Storage Company provides a range of commercial moving services including business and office moving, relocation of industrial spaces, staff relocation, and moving for specialized spaces such as laboratories in Cincinnati, OH. Call today to learn all about what they have to offer various commercial businesses.

Local corporate and commercial moving services.

Corporate moves can involve a lot of logistics and require special timing to match employee needs. They may also require coordination with either short or long-term storage. Jeffers Moving & Storage Company can help in every department. They have held contracts with a number of companies and understand how much it matters that employees are satisfied. At the end of the day, they are focused on ensuring the move runs smoothly, and that families get settled, so that an employee's work can proceed with as little disruption as possible on all fronts.

Technical and scientific laboratory moving

Technical, medical, and scientific professional spaces often contain equipment that is fragile, expensive, and can be extremely difficult to move. Our staff is experienced in the specialized practices that ensure your items are moved successfully-whatever that may require. Call Jeffers Moving & Storage Company today to speak with an estimator about your needs, and we can determine a process to get the job done.

Experts in commercial relocation services

Jeffers Moving & Storage Company can provide you with relocation specialists for any type of move, from small to large. Recently, we have helped facilitate the remodeling of a 300-unit apartment complex. This involved us moving every tenant there twice - once out of their place to another unit and then back into their original place after the remodeling was completed.