How to Avoid Packing Mistakes for Your Move

Once you’ve found the perfect new home or apartment, it’s easy to start fantasizing about how you’ll make it your own. But first, you’ll have to pack up the furniture, decor, and tools you use around your current living space. To avoid excess stress while you wait for the movers, remember these three common packing mistakes. 

3 Packing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Starting Too Late

When you set a “moving day,” you know that the week of that date will require your full attention. However, that doesn’t mean you can relax until your seven days away from relocating—you should start packing your space long before. If you have a small, one-bedroom apartment, you might be able to start packing just three to four weeks in advance.

However, if you’re moving a full-sized home with multiple bedrooms, a garage and a basement, you’ll need to begin packing non-essential items at least two to three months prior. This will give you enough time to rifle through every junk drawer and closet and figure out what you want to sell, donate, or dispose of before packing up the rest.

2. Using the Wrong Materials

To keep your belongings safe throughout the moving process, you’ll need to invest in high-quality packing materials. Cardboard boxes are just the beginning—you’ll also need bubble wrap, packing paper, and plenty of tape.

Extra-fragile items like wine glasses should be wrapped in both paper and cushioning wrap. Artwork and flat-screen TVs will require foam framing and plastic wrap to avoid dents and scratches.

3. Including Your Daily Essentials

While you might be in a hurry to finish packing before the movers arrive, it’s crucial to set aside some items for the day after. Prescriptions, smartphone chargers, and other everyday essentials can be hard to find if they’re thrown in a box with other small, miscellaneous items from the kitchen cabinet.

Think of what you’ll need the night you arrive in your new place—a shower curtain, toothpaste, shower gel, and a glass for tap water may be the highest on your list. Create a separate box for these essentials, and make sure it's the last one you load into the truck. Or, simply place it in the passenger seat next to you as you follow the movers.


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