Long- & Short-Term Storage in Cincinnati, OH

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Secure storage facilities in the greater Cincinnati, OH area.

When storing items for any length of time, it is important to know that your goods will be held securely. Jeffers Moving & Storage Company, LLC maintains locked, climate controlled storage facilities that ensure you'll receive your goods in the same condition they were in when first stored. They know you are entrusting some of your most valuable items to them, and are focused on returning them in perfect order.

When they are planning a move, many customers find that they are in need of storage that coordinates with their move-out date. Maybe they are moving long-distance for work, or they are signing a contract for their old home before closing on their new residence. Jeffers Moving & Storage Company can meet these scheduling storage needs and ensure they line-up nicely with with your move in.

Long-term storage accommodations

Jeffers Moving & Storage Company has the capability to store items for extended periods of time, in whatever volume is needed in Cincinnati, OH. This can be helpful for clients with overseas travel, or who need extra storage space for lengthier trips, or who are faced with an extended interim between moves. Call today to see how our storage facilities can accommodate your long-term storage needs.

Short-term storage accommodations

No period of time is too short for your storage accommodations. Need storage for just a week in the middle of your move? Or maybe a couple of days? Jeffers Moving & Storage Company facilities are designed to flexibly accommodate clients' storage needs. Call or email us to discuss space availability or pricing for your storage plans.